Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is Aaron. He's one of my best friends ever.

Life has been exciting and good to Aaron just recently. He's an aspiring young actor/puppeteer/musician, and he's actually been getting some exciting work! He was an extra in the latest Indiana Jones movie. And he co-starred in an indie film called Profile. So he's been in an Indy film and and Indie film. Hehe. I've already seen the Indian Jones flick, and it was fun to pick Aaron out of the background in several shots, but I'm more excited about Profile which premieres Sunday, July 20th at the Narragansett Beach Theater with a 6:30pm showtime. Due to the film's content, they'll be holding to an "R" rating.

Also, congratulations to Aaron for getting a job with the Tears of Joy Theatre doing acting/puppetry/singing! We're beside ourselves with joy for ya, man. We love ya.

Watch Aaron with each other.
Rev. Josh