Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Magic of the Intertubes

Every once in a while the magic of the internet just boggles me for a second or two. Like the time I was playing World of Warcraft during the day of Christmas Eve and somebody in chat said, "What do you mean tomorrow? It's Christmas today!" It turned out that all of the Americans in-game hadn't considered the possibility that there might be somebody on who's in Australia... where it was already tomorrow! How cool is that? I was playing a video game with a guy on the other side of the world...

Anyway, I had another of those moments when I logged into my e-mail this morning. I had a message from Blogger informing me that I had a new comment on my infamous post about my tattoo. (I say infamous because there was a stir here at church about it, apparently some thought I was teaching our youth to disobey their parents. So let me reiterate. I waited til I was 30 to get Aslan done. If you're yonger than that, listen to your parents, kids!) Anyway, it was a nice complement from a name I didn't recognize, so I clicked on his Blogger profile link and discovered that he's from the UK... So I _really_ don't know him.

I answered his comment with one of my own and found out that he had simply been looking for a pic of Aslan for a video he had been editing for his blog. It's a amazing, have a look.

I've seen similar stunts in television commercials and video games, (Tell me you aren't thinking of Tomb Raider when you saw them hit that wall and pull themselves up!) but never anything so very much real life, unless you count Jackie Chan flicks.

In any case, I thank the internet for allowing me to connect with someone I never would have known even existed otherwise. I also thank the internet for introducing me to parkour, which I'd never heard of before this morning!

One last thing, all you blog-reading teens, I noticed that Ben refers to his parkour outings as "training" and even talks about a fall that could have ended badly, just in the one post I read. Please, for the love of God (and Rev. Josh), don't just run out and try this. Please?

Be safe & be good to each other,
Rev. Josh