Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Seven Day Itch

Seventh day of Lent, and I've already slipped! (Boohiss) Did the lack-of-caffeine headache send me to it? Did I just need a boost to get me through that World of Warcraft binge?


I blame Subway.

Jenny asked me to pick up Subway for lunch, so I swung by on my way back to the apartment. I entered the store and used the ATM to pull some cash to pay with. I ordered two foot-long subs (I eat half now, and half later.), one roast beef on Italian with provalone, lettuce, green peppers and light mayo, one turkey on honey oat with American cheese, lettuce, green peppers and light mayo. (Quite the pair, aren't we?) And then I see the sign. If I add in a drink and some chips I can get one sammich free. Free!
So I nab some Sun Chips, pay, take my cup and quickly grab... I dunno... Diet Coke. I put on a lid. I grab a straw, bang it on the counter until one end emerges then pull it free with my teeth. I pop the straw into the cup, take a sip, take two steps... and... Oh bother. That has caffeine, doesn't it?


Force of habit, enemy of change everywhere. We'll have to watch me at the movies, too.

Anyway, pray for my slip and that there will be no more!

Oh, and be good to each other.
Rev. Josh

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