Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to Silent Hill

I've been thinking a lot about Silent Hill lately. It's one of my favorite scary video game series, and I've been playing the most recent installment this month. And a couple of days ago, it suddenly hit me that life is like Silent Hill sometimes. (Just click any of these to enbiggen them.)
Sometimes you're in a dark place.
Sometimes you can't go the way you used to.
Sometimes there are barriers in your way.
Sometimes there's something scary between where you are and where you need to be.
Even though sometimes it may be circuitous, counterintuitive, hidden, or just plain hellish, there's always a way forward.

Happy Halloween!
Rev. Josh


GrumpyHellcat said...

I rejoice in your little words of wisdom, my friend.

This touched my heard in many ways.

Rev. Josh said...

Aw... thanks! I'm glad it means something to more folk than just myself!

emmithemonkey said...

You have an ability to find beauty, hope and God in places most people assume none of that can exist.

Thank you for reminding me to move through difficult times with my eyes and mind open so that I may find my way thorough and also notice the amusing, helpful and important bits along the way.