Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So much going on! Last Saturday was awesome. Ok, so it had its ups and downs, but it finished well. We went to see Elizabeth play her own music at a young song-writer's event. Here's a pic of her singing Amazing Grace with Eric at my installation--we didn't think to bring the camara to the song-writer's event. She blew us away. You heard me right. Blew. Us. Away. I wish she had a CD so I could command you to buy it. She's that good.

You'll notice that my sidebar is different now. Or maybe you won't. But it is. I have a little copyright notice, so y'all can't steal my poetry 'n' stuff. (Hate to be paranoid, but... you know... they might be out to get me.) And there's my shining happy face at my installation.

Oh yes. And you'll notice that I've posted a picture. Yay me! (Soon the newness of this will pass and I will post stuff that's truly impressive. For now, you get this.)

Til then, May The Force Be With You!

Rev. Josh

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