Friday, April 21, 2006

Modern Worship?

I've been arguing for a long time now that there are three types of "Christian" music. The first is the type that you probably don't listen to unless you're forced. It's hymns and organ music and what is common referred to as "sacred" music. The second is "contemporary" Christian music. Like praise bands and such--contemporary music that is intentionally "religious." Finally, there's contemporary music that happens to have religious significance. Sometimes I think it might even be unintentional. More often I think that these are the product of musicians who end up incorporating Christian themes and values into their music because they themselves are Christians. They're goal is not to create "Christian Music" per se, but in it creeps because of who they are.

Personally, I find that the latter situation speaks to me most powerfully (and consistantly). As you might have guessed, this leads to the burning of mix cd's for my personal enjoyment. Now, I can't copy music to send to you (that would be just a little illegal, all you former Napsters) but I can give you my playlist! I've even added some liner notes/quotes, so maybe you can see what I was trying to do.

So here's a playlist for a liturgical mix cd. Enjoy!

Prelude: Canon—Zox

Call to Worship: These Are Days—10,000 Maniacs
“It's true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom
in you.

These are days you'll remember.
When may is rushing over you with desire to be part of the miracles
you see in every hour.
You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky…”

Invocation: Beautiful Day—U2
“Touch me
Take me to that other place
Teach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case…”

Confession: Until It Sleeps—Metallica
“Where do I take this pain of mine
I run but it stays right by my side
So tear me open, pour me out
These things inside they scream and shout
And the pain still hates me
So hold me until it sleeps…”

Assurance: Few and Far Between——10,000 Maniacs
“'Till you make your peace with yesterday,
you'll never build a future.
I swear by what I say.
Whatever penance you do,
decide what it's worth to you
and then respect it…”

Gloria: Gloria—U2

Passing the Peace: All I Want—Toad the Wet Sprocket
“All I want is to feel this way
To be this close, to feel the same
All I want is to feel this way
The evening speaks, i feel it say...

Nothing's so cold
As closing the heart when all we need
Is to free the soul…”

Hebrew Lesson: One——Metallica
(Job 3:1-26)
“Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God, wake me…”

Church At Prayer: Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear
Closer Than They Are—Meatloaf

“But I can still recall the sting of all the tears when he was gone
They said he crashed and burned
I know I'll never learn why any boy should die so young…”

Carry On My Wayward Son—Kansas
“Carry on, my wayward son
For there’ll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don’t you cry no more…”

Offering: Milkshake Song—Angry Salad
“And she gave me a milkshake and a kiss
I don’t need a whole lot more
And she gave me a milkshake and a kiss
I don’t need a whole lot more than this…”

Gospel Lesson: Are You Ready?—Creed
(Luke 11:9-10 & Luke 12:35-40)
“Hey, Mr. Seeker
hold on to this advice
if you keep seeking you will find
Don't want to follow
down roads been walked before
it's so hard to find unopened doors
Are you ready…?”

Sermon: Believe—Lenny Kravitz
“The Son of God is in your face
Offering us eternal grace
If you want it you’ve got to believe
‘Cause being free is a state of mind
We’ll one day leave this all behind
Just put your faith in God
And one day you’ll see it…”

Benediction: Love Will Come to You—Indigo Girls
“And I wish her insight to battle love's blindness
Strength from the milk of human kindness
A safe place for all the pieces that scattered
Learn to pretend there's more than love that matters.”

Postlude: “40”—U2
(Psalm 40)
“(sing this with me, this is 40)

I waited patiently for the lord
He inclined and heard my cry
He lift me up out of the pit
Out of the miry bog

I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song…”


Faith said...

Zomg you like pie too?!?!?!

There will be copious amounts of pie when I move there.

Rev. Josh said...

Yay! Pie!

We miss you, come here!

PS Have you and Aaron talked at all about D&D character creation yet?

Rev. Josh

Mary said...

I like all three kinds of "Christian" music, but I appreciate being pointed to mainstream music that's not necessarily or overtly Christian.

I might add to the list the Indigo Girls' "Closer to Fine" and "Love's Recovery" -- actually quite a few songs on that album would qualify. :-)

Rev. Josh said...

We do love the Indigo Girls, but the album I'm familiar with is Rites of Passage. Tell me, what album are you referring to? =)