Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random Stuff I Like... Including My Brother!

I was going to put up a quote or two from Kevin Murphy, but I left his book, A Year at the Movies, where I was reading it last... in the bathroom of our apartment. What? Like you don't read on the toilet! You don't? You have time to read without, *ahem*, multitasking? Good for you!

And now that I've given you way too much information, where was I?

Oh yes, Kevin Murphy.

Kevin Murphy voiced and pupeteered my favorite character from one of my all time favorite television shows. The character? One Tom Servo. And the show? Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Never before and never again will I ever find such a brilliantly simple concept executed with a little bit of genius and equal parts literary references and potty jokes.

My brother and I (and Jenny too, for that matter) have spent many a two-hour block with MST3K. I'm looking forward to spending a good chunk of my vacation with my brother, watching sci-fi and wrestling, and yes, maybe a little Mystery Science Theater.

And monkeys.

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