Friday, June 16, 2006

Socks for Sheep

And now some knitting content. (Won't Jenny be thrilled?)

Jenny has a button! You simply push the button, and magical Socks for Sheep donation opportunities happen...

Also, if you click the Socks for Sheep banner, it'll take you to Jenny's definitive Socks for Sheep post! Yay!

Now, I want to share a little of one of Jenny's favorite blogs/authors. (Yes, she has been published and well read in certain circles... knitting circles of course. Feel free to boo the pun, I can take it!) If you want something more or less kid friendly, or just one of the sweetest things ever, check this out. This one, however, is rated at least "T for Teen" for multiple references to booze. But it has this one little aside that caught my attention. The focus is on Stephanie's birthday party, which she held in a local yarn shop, but she mentions that she's considering putting it in her will that her funeral should be in one, too. From what I've heard from Jenny, this would make all kinds of sense, as no-one who actually knows Stephanie could possibly imagine her without knitting. I'm usually more or less against forcing mourners to bow to your will from beyond the grave--after all, the funeral is actually for the grieving, the dead (I'm convinced) don't really care what the service is like. But in this case, what better way could there be to remember this avid, er... obsessive, knitter?

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