Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Beating

It's been a long week, and it's only Thursday. I'm involved with a funeral on Sunday, and also performing one tomorrow morning. Which is enough to fill a week just on its own. And in the background there's been this haze... and as the week progresses I start to feel more and more dopey. I assume that it's my allergies, after all the fall weeds are starting to come out and I heard somewhere that this is going to be the worst ragweed season in a long, long time. Or... I guess it's good for the ragweeds, but not for my sinuses. Anyway... I found out yesterday that my brother is down with a fever that everyone was hoping was allergy related. And this morning I wake up feeling like a large pulsating ick beast from Omicron Persei VIII.

Not good.

So I've decided to come in to work and do what has to be done to be ready for the funeral of tomorrow morning... and apparently write a blog entry. And then it's off to bed with me.

Hopefully some rest this afternoon will fortify me enough to make it through the weekend.

Be good to each other,
Rev. Josh

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Anne said...

Hi - I've just found your blog via YarnPie. As a UK Christian who doesn't really fit any of the theological labels, but has been getting increasingly uncomfortable reading the assertions of American Neo-Conservatives, it is extremely refreshing to read your views.

Have you come across Steve Hollinghurst? (onearthasitisinheaven.blogspot,com)

Anyway - hope you get/got the rest you need for the weekend